Welcome to Cross City Skate.  We are inline skating enthusiasts who believe that skating is one of the best ways to explore cities.  Whether it’s a city you live in or one you have never been to, skating offers a fun and healthy way to explore any urban landscape.

This site is a diary of some of the more interesting skates we have done in various cities.  Skating is inherently dangerous and we do not suggest anyone try these ideas.

We strongly urge you to check out the safety section for some tips on how to stay safe on skates.  Also check out the resources page for general information about skating and links to various skate-related web sites.

Disclaimer: Skating is inherently dangerous.  Staking on streets and sidewalks is nuts.  This blog is not a recommendation to try these ideas.  This blog is a diary of our skates.  We do not recommend anyone try any of these ideas.